Does anybody need help with anything?

Does anybody need help with coding or need a template or something?

i need a templste a adpoting one because two girls are going to decide if they want to adopt a boy or girl

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I have made a template for you, it should work, I have tested it. The following will happen:

  1. The narrator will ask you, “Would you like to adopt a boy or a girl?”
  2. You will get a choice- boy or girl.
  3. It will ask you, “Are you sure you want to adopt a ?”
  4. If you say yes, the narrator will say “You have adopted a !”
  5. If you say no, it will take you back to the choice between a girl and a boy.

I coded the narrator to say, “You have adopted a !” because I didn’t know what you wanted to happen. All you have to do is change it.

Good luck :wink:


I’m having an issue with a prop.
I used:
@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to ALEXANDER
and it shows nothing on the computer or on the app.
I really don’t know what to do.

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@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to ALEXANDER
@pause for a beat
@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to ALEXANDER

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That didn’t work… it’s so odd because it shows the book when the scene first starts and then it disappears as soon as it starts to zoom.

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maybe try the thing above but instead of @pause for a beat, change it to @zoom on XYZ in S ?

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Hmm… it still didn’t work

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That’s so weird… maybe you should file a ticket?

Oh, what does that mean?

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It’s a ticket to the episode team letting them know of the issue you’re having! I don’t have the link, but I’m sure it’s in the forums :slight_smile:


I really need help with my script because I keep getting error no matter what I do. Please message me if you could help me out a little! Thank you!

I can help

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thank you! could you message me?

Message you where?

You can add me on discord if you have one mine is #fallondgem3479

I just started a new story. I’m busy writing my first chapter, and i tried to add some music. But if i test my chapter, there is no music.
I’m using limelight, btw.
Every time i test my story for the first time, there’s only the music in the first scene, and every music track after that disappears.
When i try it a second or third (or whatever) time, there is no music. There just has to be music in the whole chapter, except where i’ll type it isn’t nessecary. I hope you can help me.

Here’s the code:

music music_fashionupbeat
@NAME enters from right to screen center
label customize_look

This is you.
Do you want to change your look?

choice (character_design)

@NAME goes to character avatar

goto customize_look
“I look amazing”{
input What is your name?
What is your name?

-Here’s a scene with choices and that kind of things.-
-After the scene:-

music off

-short scene where no music is needed-
-next scene-

music music_whimsicalpiano
@MANNEQUIN1 spot 1.141 110 124 AND MANNEQUIN2 spot 1.123 221 135 AND MANNEQUIN3 spot 0.900 262 298 AND MANNEQUIN4 spot 0.852 166 334 AND MANNEQUIN5 spot 0.900 75 292 AND MANNEQUIN6 spot 1.232 171 63

Pick a dress!

-a VERY complicated scene-
-after that-

music off

-scene change-

music music_wanderingtheme

and that 'till the end of the code…

Normally this should work, right???

If you need the whole code, ask me.
Thanks already.

You might have to change the music because that be happening to me too…tell if it works

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