Does anybody need help with art? [CLOSED ETERNALY]

Heyo, I’m offering to help you guys with drawings, BG’s, Covers, Splashes, overlays, etc

Here’s some of my work for you to have an idea:

A motorcycle I got requested to do:

@Sophbee 's Outline contest

A cover I got requested to do by @LexyB

Another cover I got requested to do by @LexyB

A BG I made for a story I’m working on

And another outline contest I’ve participated by @Firely_epi



Can I get a custom pose request

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Sure! I’d be happy to work on it!

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me lol

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Can you give me the information on what you exactly need?

What would you like?

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I need a coverr

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Just give me the details!

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Would you be able to do a pfp for me?

Sure! Just give me the details.

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Can you do custom poses?


I need a girl in a wink pose and also the hold gun pose

So she needs to be winking while holding a gun, alright.

Any specific clothing?
Specific Character?

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Can I have her in a badass outfit and her details are

Skin :tan

Eyes : upturned bold blue

Nose : upturned

Face shape : oval

Mouth : classic Ruby red


Ink, right?

I’m Guessing it’s Ink

Heya! I’m in need of two splashes! One music and one mature themes! Here are my characters – first one is music, second is mature themes.

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Alright! Any specific details?