Does anybody think episode should update the episode terms of service?

I mean think about it! Something in terms of service says “you must represent a warrant for any art work you use” well, what if we are using SOMEONE else’s art work, do we need to still have a warrant? What about credit to that artist? and what about the writers who are not old enough to have a warrant? What then?!

If you caught anything else you think episode should update, say something below!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

or answer my questions because that works too. :grin:


I’m ok with the rules. I think the only thing that should be included is the cursing to show how many words you can use in your story. I read the terms/rules the other day and couldn’t find the maximum swear words you can use without getting reported, etc. But I agree with you also!


Thanks!! I’m happy I’m not the only one who caught something like that! :smile::smile:

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No problem. So am I! :blush:

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@fluffyrice can answer that question for you she for her story reported (and it’s not bad at all) over curse words. I think she said no more the 5 a episode is what they did her.

That’s ridiculous. I’ve seen stories use way more than five and no one had a problem with it?!

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@epi.kels @Bethany1

I didn’t get reported, I thought I did - but before I got featured on a shelf, Episode checked my story if I violated any ToS and I did on multiple occasions based on the strong language I was using in my chapters. I had to change my script, haha. They told me I have to limit 5 curse words per chapter.


The same thing happened to me and I didn’t usually check my emails (I do now before I almost miss something important again) and almost had my story removed and almost ruined my chance of being featured. Thank God my gut was telling me to check my email the day I did lol

This app as a decent amount of animations to create a decent visual story but some of them don’t really fit well with the type of stories the users are creating on it. Some of them are just straight up cringy to look at especially the dance moves, and they need for emotion/reaction animations

Oh ok that makes sense. Well I’m glad everything worked out for you. What’s the name of your story? I wouldn’t mind giving it a read. :slight_smile:

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It’s called Loving You Again. It’s a romantic comedy :slight_smile:

If you do check it out, I hope you enjoy :smiley:

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Well in general every business’s terms of service gets “outdated” over time, but I don’t think that it is the case for Episode’s terms of service. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I don’t really pay any attention to Episode’s terms of services like I should, so unfortunately, I don’t know in detail what should be changed.

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Thank you all for your opinion because I really wanted to know your opinion.

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