Does Anybody Wanna Be In My Story?

Hi, Does Anyone Wanna Be In My First Story “The Young Actress”?? If You Do Please Tell Me The Following Things About You:

Family (If your character has one):
Hero, Villian Or Neutral Role:
Sex Attraction:
Speacail Request:

  • Kimora Heath

  • 12

  • Ink Parts-
    Body: Rosewood - Mouth: Blossom Lips (Bordeaux) - Nose: Elven - Eye: Round Bold (Purple) - Eyebrows: Seductive Arch - Face: Round - Hair: Long Braids (Black)

  • White Layered Crop Top - Black Nautical Shorts - White Military Chic Boots - Clear Wayfarer

  • Neutral Role because I want to start a villain and end a hero or something.

  • Funny, Thrasher, Savage, and kind of goth/emo.

  • I started with a rich family, but money wasn’t enough. :arrow_left: That’s all I got.

  • I want a “villian” outfit in black and my first outfit as my hero/default outfit.

Name: Vivi or Vivian
Age: 18
Look: Light ocre skin, straight hair (black), upturned bold (brown), aquiline nose, blossom lips (blush), medium soft arch brows, oval shaped head
Outfit: Yellow suspenders, black shorts onesie bottom, hip rocker boots, fishnets, hipster hat
Role: I’d say a hero
Personality: Weird, awkward, funny, loyal, friendly, crazy
Backstory: Was a struggling actress in the past but gave up to be a stand up comedian but still struggling currently
Special Request: Have me make terrible dad jokes relating to the situation but it ended up being an awkward moment XD I dunno

Hey Alishia! I would love to be in your story!

-Paris Noir
-Ink Parts
Body-Light, -Mouth: Classic (Cherry Red), -Nose: Soft Natural, -Eye: Upturned Feline (White), -Eyebrows: Seductive Arch;), -Face: Oval, -Hair: Long Straight (black)
-Black Beach Day Romper, Hip Rocker Boots, Hip Rocker Bracelet, Gold Pendant Necklace!
-I would like my character to be a hero!
-I prefer men.
-I would like my character to be sarcastic and cold, but she likes talking to the people she is close to. If you know the zodiac signs, my character would be the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Paris is literally fighting herself a lot.
-Paris’ backstory is that she was raised in an orphanage and she escaped by through music and acting. And she hates talking about her past and enjoys moving forward.
-Thanks again! You’re the best!!:heart:

Name: Chay
Age: 20
Look: hair-fishtail braid-fawn, face-round, eyebrows-seductiveround, eyes-upturned luxe-purple, nose-perky, mouth-full round-bubblegum pink, skin-tan
Outfit: pink cardigan and summer dress combo with thigh high boots (white)
A hero or villain whichever u need
Personality: strong, brave, artist, sarcastic, independent
Backstory: raised by a single mom and older sister. Dad left when she was 9. Didn’t have many friends but she is loved by the few she has!

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that’s me

Yup! I Like To Send Pics Of The Characters Once I Make Them!

Name: Alyssa
Age: 12
Hero, Villain Or Neutral: Villain
Sex Attraction: Straight
Personality: Looks cute but is deadly, cold
Backstory: Goes to foster home to foster home because nobody wants her because she is too creepy


Body: classic bob blonde hair. Eyes aupturned bold toffee. Face diamond light. Nose soft natural. Eyebrows seductive arch
Outfit: your choice. Something with pink.
Role: hero!
Bubbly and happy but inside sad.
Backstory: all her life she was bullied and lived hell on earth so she decided she wanted to help people so for the first time in her life, she put on a fake face and smiled a real smile.




Rebel half shaved, (Charcoal) Full Round, (Dark) Upturned Feline, (Hickory) Round Arch, Elven. Oval.

Any Villian-y looking outfit that is purple.


Sometimes incredibly quiet and sometimes incredibly annoying theres no in between.


They were bored so they kinda just became a Villian. (I have no idea. :sweat_smile:)




Can i use this character for editing


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When wil te Story be out? Please let me know I can’t wait to read it

It Already Is, It’s Called “The Young Actress”!

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