Does anybody want a outline of their characters? :)


If anybody wants a outline of their character please leave your features below and please leave a animation you want your character to do! You can ask for it colored or not colored :slight_smile:
If its easier, please email me!


Do you have examples?


Could you do outlines of my characters?
Body: Caramel
Brows: Seductive Round
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Black)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round (Taupe)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Body: Toffee
Brows: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Chestnut)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (taupe)
Eyes: Stoic Almond (Green)
Poses: Can the girl be flirt_shy and the boy be flirt_shy? And can they be facing each other?


Of course!




Is there a certain background you’d like? :smile:


Also, what outfits? :rofl:


Any background! Same with the outfits!


Okay! I should have it done soon