Does anybody want to do a r4r?

Hey guys,
quarantine got me bored and I would love to do a r4r with you so I read yours you read mine thing. If you’re interested pls let me know.

My story title: Be By Your Side
My Episode username: Isabelle.Writes
Insta account: @isabelle.writess
Link to my story:


I’d like to!

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Send me the link to your story.

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how many chapters?

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I have 3 chapters. So I read three of yours

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ok! Let’s send ss when done


Vienna by OR

Genre: Romance, Crime, Mystery, Comedy
Description: Detective Vienna Sloane partners with SWAT specialist Blade Santana–In a battle against crime, creatures of the night, and their own cosmic chemistry, does true love triumph evil? (CC) (LL)

Share link:

Why y’all should read my story 1. It’s new! And underrated I’ve been told I’d really like for people to check it out I just published yesterday. The characters have lots of comedic bickering following episode 1 since that was the story introduction and it is a crime supernatural romance

dm me on ig xx

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lmao funny seeing you here xD

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Want to do a r4r with me? I have an ink version with 50 chapters and a LL version of it that I just started with 4 chapters (so far).



My Insta: gabi.episode

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