Does anyone actually like how the ombre hairstyles look in Episode featured stories?

It’s been over a week since I created my last topic, and I just wanted to make another one, just for fun and opinions. Please be nice with your answers, as we’re not trying to bash Episode and their efforts with new things.

I don’t, and it’s because of the way they mix two colors into the hairstyles. It doesn’t matter which hairstyle Episode decides to try and make look cool, but to me, it just looks really ugly–especially that ombre where they mixed some gold and brown (or whatever two colors they used). It just make the hairstyle look like sh*t, and I’m not even kidding.

So, what are your opinions? If you can, send a screenshot of what Episode premium ombre hairstyles you like or dislike and why. Again, we’re just stating our opinions for fun and this is just a pointless topic. Who says we can’t state opinions and make topics fun, right? 💁🏽


I think it was an idea
I think it looks kinda slopy
and not that interesting …
like i want some half and half at least
I also dont like how locked they are…
like I am not spending my gems for hair i don’t LOOOVE


I agree some of them aren’t the best such as

I have never been a fan of this hair colour combination.

But there are some I do like such as

I like this one because I think the black fading into the other colour is quite nice but the problem with the first one is it feels a bit mismatch to me. As if they made it silver then scribbled on some brown or the other way around.

I think it depends on the combination and how they present it.


And frankly, I’m not spending my gems on a hairstyle that has no impact on the story!


100% agree~!


The IG account unicorn_episode_78 has a bunch of unique colored hairstyles you can view.

Ombre and uniquely colored/styled hairstyles

I posted a bunch here so others can comment on them as well :cherry_blossom: Personally I like some of the colors, and I think it would be fun if we got to choose which 2 (or more) colors we’d like to use for a hairstyle.


I kind like the ombre look but it definitely depends on the color combinations.

Also we probably might never get premium/ gem options and I know they say its because there are glitches. I have been thinking this for a while But from a business point of view (I take a business and tourism course so this is why I have this thought process), people always want something they can’t have so in a way it will help episode gain readers if they have premium stuff in their stories which will in turn help them earn more profit. So things like gem choices would be more likely to be useless if we already have the items which will lead to people not wanting to spend gems which obviously won’t earn episode a profit which is why I think we may never get gem options released to us like ombré hair or the beatiful gem choice clothes :two_hearts::sob::sob::sob:

Okay sorry that was long rant over😂


Definitely true. That is why I hope Episode will give us the option to let us writers (I’m not one yet but I want to be :sweat_smile:) dye our LL characters’ hair in more than 2 colors for more diversity and better combinations.


4th bump!

Hey I have been trying my best to get the ombré hair colors for my characters but I can’t find it I’m not sure if my episode has updated is there anyway you know how? lol

They haven’t released any of the ombre hair so you can’t get them and tbh I don’t think we will ever get them. :woman_shrugging:

Ohhh…lol okay I thought I was the only one.