Does anyone actually like romance stories?


Does anyone here like romance stories? The threads I’ve looked at show that most people on here hate romance stories since they can be cliche, stereotypical, unoriginal, etc etc etc but that doesn’t explain why the stories episode promotes are all romance, romance has the most stories, or why romance stories always have more reads in general. I’m not gonna cyber bully anyone if they like romance stories lmao but I’m just wondering, why?


I do, but I’ve got to be in the right mood for them and usually need there to be another plot point to drive the story too


I like romance, but I don’t really like the recent bad boy stories.


Some are actually good and I enjoy reading them, others are trash :woman_shrugging:. EX: In my bed…


I honestly agree with you. When I first saw that new story on Episode’s main page yesterday, I almost wanted to die. And I forced myself to play the first chapter. I regretted that choice afterwards.


I love romance, but most of the ones I see are pretty uninspired so I rarely read them.


Haha the first scene even was just :persevere:


I love romance stories, but they have to catch my attention. Plus, I’m lonely lol


Yes I do and I still do, but they have to live up to Miss MJ Lady Diana and Hope Moon’s stories :joy:


I think most people on the app like romance, including the cliche ones. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be the majority of trending stories and Episode would turn to other genres to make their money. The thing is, the forums and Instagram community aren’t accurate indicators of the full community. People with stronger opinions on the work they read are more likely to talk about those opinions on a forum or post about it, hence why it seems that most people hate cliche romance. We’re not seeing the casual readers talking about what they love so much as the authors and long-term readers talking about what they’re getting tired of. It’s a matter of sampling bias.

I’m personally not a fan of romance as a standalone genre, since I find it boring, especially compared to actually being in a good relationship. That’s just me, though.


I like romance stories but no one has written one on episode it’s always drama. More then two love interests in a story is drama section.