Does anyone actually look at the stories on the rank anymore?

Does anyone actually look at the stories on the rank anymore? Like when you want to read a story, do you go to romance and try to find a good romance story? I don’t anymore. I feel as if I am seeing the same thing over and over again. If I want to find a story I go on Instagram and look at screenshots and decide if I want to read that story. Is it just me?


I’m the same way. I follow quite a few Episode groups and I look at stories that the reviewers review. If it looks good, I’ll take a look. I’ve found some real good stories that you’ll never see highly ranked that way.

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I personally don’t (except occasionally for Horror/Thriller, there’s some popular gems in there) but I mean the vast majority of people must do that, otherwise these stories wouldn’t be at the very top with millions of reads.

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Same here, I noticed I haven’t touched that tab in a while either. But I do find myself searching for undiscovered stories and reading featured stories from time to time.


Yeah me too!!! I think it’s the rating’s fault! I mean it appears after what 2 or 3 episodes? How can you possibly tell a good story in only 3 chapters? Most people just skip it because they are not sure and that’s why the stories in the rank don’t change, at least that’s what I believe!


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I pretty much do the same thing… I go by what is being recommended by people I follow on Instagram and I go from there …

Personally I don’t look at them, because I know when I go to Romance and Drama it’s all going to be pregnancy and love triangles. I also know when I go to action that it’ll be mafia/gang related stories (which I do like on occasion, but only if they’re done really well such as Venomous and Chain Reaction, but most aren’t so I avoid it). I know in fantasy that there’s gonna be the quite odd wolf/werewolf/vampire stories that I wish could be filtered somewhere else because fantasy is my favorite genre lol. So that leaves Mystery and Horror to be the only two genres where I actually find good content…so to answer your question, no, I don’t go to the ranks.

And I agree with what people have said here that I often just read the recommended stories on the profile of my favorite authors.

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