Does anyone also have this problem on mobile creation?

I have made a topic about this already…But I just want to know am I the only one.
Do any of your stories charactera disappear too?
Like this

The characters are gone. I can’t do anything.
I’ve already submitted a support ticket and I hope episode to fix this soon.

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I’ve seen other people experience this glitch, too : (

Hmm…anybody who comes across this glitch and hasn’t send a ticket can do so here:

Good luck! :heart:

Edited it

Yeah. It’s annoying ;-;

I already did :sweat_smile:

XD I know I just read that part right now :sweat_smile:
Sorry : )

I have this problem too!

  • You have experienced this issue
  • You haven’t experienced this issue but you’ve heard of it
  • You haven’t experienced this issue and haven’t heard of it

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