Does anyone assign colors to their characters? 🎨

Anyone specifically give certain colors to their character? Especially like in outfits? Or like have them in certain colored backgrounds/their bedroom a specific color?
For instance: I associated one of my characters with the color red but the MC also wears the same color along with green since it goes with their eyes so I started to change it to burgundy/maroon and yellow/orange/browns…


I only have this for a select few characters, my character Amy is always wearing pink, very excited to get to where I explain that lol. But, I do use a lot of colour theory in my writing, the colours my characters wear are usually indicative of how they’re feeling, or I even use colours like red to foreshadow.

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I match colors to stories so one of them is black and gold aesthetic, another is blues and blacks

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Ooooh cool cool, you plan to explain it in your story? :eyes:

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Ahh yeah, I get that. That’s pretty nice :sparkles:

Not all of it but some of it, its a thing ppl motice sunconciously so i think its more to not explain everything

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I do it very often, currently my MC only wears black :joy: For other characters I often think about what colors they wear more, it helps me a lot for building their personality

Omg i actually do this a lot! I also assign my characters colors based on personality

Yes. There’s a character in my story who is known as the ‘girl in gold’. That’s pretty self explanatory. In other stories I’ve definitely assigned certain colours to characters.