Does anyone do art covers?

Like the title says.

No ones probably gonna respond to this but anyway :rofl:
And yes I know about art shops :roll_eyes:but most I checked out had no slots


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What exactly do you want? I think people need some more details…

I can help

@Emma110 @JHW I’ll give the details when I find someone. It’s in ink tho

Okay if you want my help just let me know

Sure, do you have examples of your art?

This is the only one I have

It’s the not the best

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It’s beautiful! You’re very talented :two_hearts:

Thank you :blush:

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No problem :slight_smile: Did you want me to pm you the details?

I just think that people don’t know if they can or want to help without knowing anything, but that’s just my opinion.

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Hmm well, I might be able to help. I just need your patience cuz I’m busy with school rn.
Here are examples.
(P.S) my “shop” is called: Art Cafe Leblanc.
I’m on hold, but I can squeeze you in if you want.


woah- your work is beautiful!

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Much obliged! :blush:

I could do it like rn
Art shop – free!
It’s ok if not but I’m completely free :slight_smile:

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:0 awh :heart:

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