Does anyone do art scenes

does anyone do art scenes if they do can you create some for me. if you are willing to create some for me can you give me your IG and when I need one i’ll message you. two characters, LL story, free, and realistic

Many people aren’t willing to just give someone their email, so try PMing them or DMing them on IG.
You also have to add more information:

  1. How many characters?
  2. What style is your story?
  3. Commissioned or free?
  4. Realistic, semi-realistic, non-realistic, episode style?


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Not the genre of story, I’m talking about LL, ink, or classic.

Also, semi-realistic will probably be commissioned because free artists are hard to find, and semi-realistic are even harder. Try checking a shop, IG, or getting an edited one.

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all semi realistic art will need to b paid for :relaxed:

sum commission artists I suggest: @/CelestialMoon (check link in insta bio for information + contact)
@/Mystery.Author @/MysteryMaker @/esapphire

there r loads of other, that’s just off the top of my head, u’ll have to check the status of commissions, as well :cherry_blossom:


Hi, I am Sammie’s unofficial and indefinite human advertisement. There’s currently 3 spots available on the waiting list that she draws for free, and she does semi-realism. Here’s her link, if you’re willing to wait :smile:

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thank you for the recommendation, lovely! :blue_heart:

@jellybean1 as said above, most semi-realistic style art will most likely be paid rather than free. you could look for some art shops here on the forums maybe, or group pages on Instagram!

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