Does anyone do covers for LL

My new story is call There is no happy ending and I ned a cover asap maybe a LARGE cover too
Can you guys send your so I can see what you guys art look like??

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I can only do this (its all edited)


Can you tell me a little about the story?

Here are my examples:

My main character works for the FBI and
And the male character is a criminal but my main character can seem to out in him jaip

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Warning: I’m still new to digital art and most of my arts are adapted.

I made this cover for you, if you want to use let me know and please give me the credits.



If you have other ideas I will leave the drawing to edit

XOXO :kissing_heart:


Thanks you I lovee itt

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Hey do you think you could png the story title

You welcome :kissing_heart:

When the story is available let me know :wink:

Here you go

If I can help anything else you can find me on instagram:
s.moon.episode :wink:

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Hey sorry but the word are not in png can u plz send then in png