Does anyone do text overlays?

Can anyone make me a text overlay? If possible, I would really appreciate it

i do!

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do you mind making me one?

I can do… Uh can request here :two_hearts::blush:

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not at all, what do you want it to say?

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Just thought I’d pop in and say you could try creating your own text overlays in the Phonto app if you’d like to. It’s pretty simple to use but if you need help with it, you’re welcome to PM me anytime! (:

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Yeah, do you mind telling me more about it

Sure! You can easily either find a transparent background or create one using a different app and import it into Phonto and then you can add whatever text you’d like on top of it. You can change the font (and download more fonts from other websites), you can change the color, the shadow + color, the background strip behind the text, other effects like colorburn, outlines, glows, opacities etc and export it as a PNG.

One of mine as an example:

I don’t know what platform you’re on though but I’m on iOS and it’s available in my App Store, not sure about Google Play Store though?


Okay thank you

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