Does anyone else agree? more eye colors, skin colors, and afrocentric hairstyles <3

hi everyone!!! :wave:t5:
So I put this in the art suggestions category because I think that we should have more skin colors, eye colors and more afrocentric hairstyles :cupcake:
For example:

Eye Colors

pink 2
yellow 2

Afrocentric Hairstyles


hair 4

here are some afro hairstyles because that type 4 afro was SO disappointing, they made the hairline look weird and it only looks good (in my opinion) with a headwrap over it… it needs to be revised.

^ these are Senegalese twists.

^ these are locs

^these are passion twists

Skin Colors

skin 3

skin 5

Hope this gets recognition and if you see this, let me know if you agree :blob_hearts:



OMG support support support :weary: we fr need ALL of these. Also–

I’m glad I’m not the only one :grimacing:. We are soo deprived of afro hairstyles that look right


make sure you are following the category’s guidelines i suggest you edit this thread so it doesn’t get deleted :slight_smile:

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Support for all!

Pink eyes and skin sounds dope af.

All those ladies are beautiful btw :two_hearts:

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