Does anyone else feel like the "Promote Your Story!" section doesn't really help you garner reads?

I’ve been promoting my story on Episode Forums whenever I can and the only thing that it’s actually seemed to garner me is like a few more Insta followers, but not any new readers. Does anyone else feel the same? I’ve been siting at 120 reads and I only have 10 chapters out.

Now granted there were months where I would disappear simply because Episode isn’t full time and I had a full time job and eventually I got a promotion. So I didn’t always have time to code. I ask people to review and I promote the crap out of my story so much so, I’m pretty sure Episode thinks I’m a bot at this point. Btw I HATE begging people to read something it makes me feel needy and someone who needs attention, but I’m working on it day and night. I don’t wanna be doing that if I don’t have to. I enjoy telling my story and I enjoy talking about different events in my life that took place while I was in high school. I didn’t want to be basic but being different seems to be taking a toll on my reads.

Like does it take a mafia story to get reads or am I not that great of a writer??? Am I missing something?? Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated, and does anyone else have this problem?


Yeah, I literally feel so annoying promoting my story where ever I can, but it’s the only thing you can do. I’m writing a story, and I swear it’s harder to get reads when it’s in ink, for some reason everyone on the forums has limelight stories. I always wonder how some stories got so popular, like how did they get so many people to give them a chance and read their stories in the first place? Anyways, my story has been out for a month and I’ve only got 9 reads (still grateful but…), I’m already debating quitting but I feel like I’m putting hours upon hours into something nobody wants. Then again patience is important?


I’ve heard read for reads are popular amongst the community, I’ve gone as far as asking reviewers and episode groups to review my story. Like reads come so easily to other people, they don’t have to even lift a finger and one person will be getting 1.4k reads right off the bat and they keep promoting it even tho it has more than 900 or 1k reads. I dunno it seems kinda bull to me.


Hey there! It’s true that promoting your story on forums and with group reviews can be really hard. From my personal experience, R4R and Instagram promotion is the best option. In the beginning, I did so many R4R that at some point I even lost interest in my own story, but it was worth it because with time some of the people would continue to follow my story and with regular updates, I managed to reach the top 100 and get real exposure. :butterfly: :butterfly: Just don’t give up! With time and patience your story can get in the top shelves.


What I personally would recommend is doing R4R but especially with gems! That’s how my story went from a few hundreds reads to now 5k in two months. If you don’t have gem support options in your story that’s a good thing to include because readers might choose them too which helps you rank higher and get more reads once you enter the trending section. But yeah, in the beginning it’s hard to get reads especially before your story gets reviewed by Episode.


Sorry, I’m a newbie :o, what does it mean when episode reviews a story??

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Yeah, like how do some stories just get sent straight to trending (no hate to trending stories) like how do they get people to give their stories a chance. Atm I’m reading the unwanted (by @Evilyn) and its just as good as many popular stories and im just like tf, there’s so many small authors that don’t get recognition they deserve. Also something I’ve noticed with read for reads is that so many people post their story and the original poster can’t get around to do them as there’s too many. Anyways sorry for babbling on but yh.


That means a reviewer from Episode read your story to make sure it follows the guidelines and doesn’t have any inappropriate content. Only after that can your story show up on the trending sections or be chosen for shelves. But it takes a bit for them to review it as you need to get a high rank for them to notice your story.


Promoting your story on here doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll get more reads, it just lets other people know that you have a published story out.

The best way to get success is by doing R4Rs (with gems if you’ve got enough), meeting/engaging with other episode accounts on Instagram, hyping up your own story (trailers, sneak peeks, edits, etc.), and asking reading accounts to read and review your story.

The worst way to promote is to beg for reads, promote your story on a topic that has nothing to do with that, and bringing negative attention to yourself for reads (to trash other stories/authors to gain more exposure for yourself).


What’s your story about and what’s it called?

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I’ve stopped promoting my story because it just wasn’t worth the hassle to continually share my stories and get little to no reads in return. I don’t care that much anyways, though, because I largely write for my own benefit and entertainment. If others read my stories and enjoy them, that’s just a plus.

But I do agree with what’s been mentioned that r4r is best (and better with gems). Though i have no gems to spend, I like doing r4r occasionally on my stories just to bump them up now and then, so I recommend going that route.


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Do you think r4r actually works? I just want to know your opinion.


Read for reads, even though they boost your reads (there’s no way to go down lol), they won’t always guarantee that you will get a devoted reader but it can happen and heck you might make new friends :heart: I’ve done read for reads and I can honestly say even despite all the scams (I hope this doesn’t scare you haha but it can happen), I’ve met other wonderful people and it was fun getting to know them. One person I did a read for read with, she loved my story a lot and actually made me my cover as a gift :astonished: so it is possible to come across genuine readers who are interested. When looking for read 4 reads, make sure the person who is offering them won’t ghost because that’s unfair.

Aside from read for reads, accounts/threads that give reviews exist. Reviews are a great way to improve your story. I’m even in charge of a book club where we partner up and review stories. I understand, coding is draining and takes a lot of work! Just don’t give up, you got this :muscle:

When promoting your story, read the OP and few of the replies to see what the thread is like. That way you can decide if you want to promote your story on that thread :revolving_hearts:


My story is called Too Bad So Sad and it’s about a girl who went through a crappy break up and caused her to push herself over the edge. After a summer of rehab she’s going back to school, where it all started and she meets new people along the way along with two new love interests.


I reference suïcïde in my story and I also reference substance abuse because I think it’s important to talk about the reality of addiction and the impact it can have on people. I also have scenes with verbal abuse because I was verbally and emotionally abused up until I was 17. A lot of what’s in my story are things that have happened to me at some point during high school with the exception of substance abuse, I knew people who either ODed or have struggled with addiction in the past. So I don’t think episode isn’t gonna like any of that despite the fact the characters are seniors in high school.

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If it happens to go against the guidelines, Episode will notify you and ask that you change the scenes that go against it. If you don’t, your story gets taken down. If a lot of the plot relies on it you might have to change the entire story. Unfortunately the app is aimed towards teens so they want stories to be friendly to those audiences and not expose them to more graphic themes. Although I think talking about substance abuse is okay as long as it’s not glorifying it, and suicide is complicated because the guidelines are against it as long as I remember (you can reference it I think but not show much or describe it). I’d recommend just checking the guidelines before writing to make sure you’re all good as sometimes even curse words without censor can get you in trouble.


I never showed my character committing suicide, it skips to a hospital ceiling loop. But it’s referenced a lot because it is either being used against her or she has to explain to someone what happened. There’s no description of how she does it. She simply says, “Yeah I messed up, big time…” with substance abuse it’s never shown just implied a lot. There are brief “sexy scenes” they’re usually just missing like a top and wearing a crop top or bathing suit in its place and it’s just make out loop.

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Omg thank you :pleading_face:

And I totally agree it’s so difficult to get your story out there if all new stories are all put in the same place that no one other than authors check

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As far as I know, that should all be okay then! As long as it’s nothing graphic like you said it isn’t, I don’t think Episode will have a problem.

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