Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?


I have a question for everyone…are you constantly worrying about your reputation on the forums?

Well for me that would be a BIG YES! For example before I send a message I and repeatedly checking it to make sure it doesn’t come off as rude, opinionated or bitchy! I understand that this community is supposed to me a friendly non judgmental environment…but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. I am always worrying about being labeled.

I hate being labeled as a drama creator when all I am trying to do is stick up for myself! I am not someone who you can push around…for example, if you are going to post a 3 paragraph essay about how selfish I am…I am gonna say something. But then if I say something back to that person…then I’m the drama creator. I hate the fact that everyone on the forums has a label above their profile…some good some bad.

I also used to have a different account before this one…for this exact reason! I was sick of people judging me, because along the way I got a label plastered above my head.

I bet you that if I asked everyone on the forums about my old account at least half of the people would have something negative to say about me.

Am I the only one who feels this way?
Am I just overreacting?
And I just worrying to much about this?

Please tell me your opinion on this!

Much Love,


Yes I feel like that


Me too though I just hide it well! along with most of my other problems :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Me to


Well I’m glad it’s not not just me :sweat_smile:


Me to


Interesting discussion.
I feel you, it happened to me a few times that I deleted a long comment before posting it because I realized it would probably cause drama. I’m aware I have the bad habit to criticize things and make sarcastic remarks about everything, but I’m trying to reduce these smartass comments here, especially if they are unnecessary. And even if I post something like this, I often try to compensate with some positive/ helpful/ kinda nice comment in another thread. This is also me, but when people got to know me I often hear this: “I thought you were an @sshole, but you are actually pretty nice.”
So to answer your question I’m not really worried about my “reputation” because I’m used to people not liking me :smiley: But I do try not to say things that could offend others.


sometimes. but if i feel like someone replied rudely to me ill reply rudely back or if someone starts drama with my friend i will create drama. friends > reputation. sometimes i care but sometimes i dont


You have a very good way of looking at it! I might have to try out your strategy :+1:


ANd some times I feel like unsafe on the forums…,because I have stalkers…with ma pictures…so I am like kinda afraid


Ya that makes sense…I understand why you feel like that!


Sometimes I feel like that but it’s important to not change who you are as a person. Some people may like it some. People may not but that’s their opinion you are you


Ok, so worrying about my reputation on the forums wouldn’t be the word I’d use… I’m more just aware of it I guess. But I can’t say I’ve been involved in much drama so I guess I don’t have the same fear before posting that you do. I do often wonder if people see me typing and think “of course she’s going to comment here” or if they see a certain topic and expect me to post something on it, because I’ve had now, on three separate occasions, had people tell me they see me posting everywhere, so I assume my reputation is that I’m just always on the forums…?

Side note: I don’t think you’re unjust to be worried about this. I mean, I’ll probably get a lot of slack for saying this, but I judge certain people on forums, of course. Based on OP I think I’m judging on different things to what you’re worried about being judged for perhaps… I mean more so when people ask for LL recommendations and someone posts their INK story, or when people ask for you to recommend other people’s stories, but everyone just posts their own. You can bet I’m judging people who neglect to read the first post in a thread. Haha


I do too! But like half of the people on the forums are drama starters… so I’ve been waiting to find new friends so I don’t have the label ‘friends with the drama starter’


I’m trying to start a reputation
preferably a good on)

Cause no one really knows me





Honestly, I don’t really care that much about my reputation on the forums. Sure, I’m aware of how I express myself and I make sure to say things in a respectable way but I’m not going to hold back my opinion because of what others may think of me.


I personally don’t worry about my reputation on the forums. If you have done something people didn’t agree with in the past, sure… it’s a curve ball. But if you are nice to people and spread a healthy dose of positive vibes among the forums, people will forgive and forget. They will appreciate your attempt at redemption, no matter how big or small it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like that too!


This is a little off-topic but I need to do homework so I can’t finish what I was writing and link it to the first post.

Yes, in a way. I’m more concerned about how people perceive my actions, not myself. People on here tend to misinterpret a lot of things, especially since most of the users are teens (who are proven to misinterpret more often than adults).
I feel like I’m walking on eggshells when I state my opinion or tell people to stop fighting, because I know from reading that some people are more easily provoked than others. A lot of the time, I have to bite my tongue and not respond at all. I think a lot of this wouldn’t happen if people knew better when to simply stop replying (and I’m not saying I’m good at that either).
Also, some people are extremely quick to call out drama. I’ve seen a lot of users interrupting an argument or debate only to label it ‘drama’, which is no help to the users already involved, and only makes a bigger deal out of the arguments than they need to be. I hate using the word because of how fast people are to announce it.
Please don’t respond to this if you disagree, I’m not going to reply, I’m just responding to the main question of the thread.