Does anyone else has this?


So i want to look how my episode looks for so far,
But the WHOLE TIME there’s showing up:
Preparing… (66/418)
Does anyone else has this?
What do i need to do!

Please help


I have something like that except the numbers are different. It just means that it’s loading. Perhaps your connection is slow… Have you tried clicking preview afterwards? If not, try to refresh the page, cause that works.


Thanks for the help, but is doesn’t work…


I think it’s most likely that you are under a slow connection. Because it doesn’t take that long for me for the numbers to disappear.


haha i hope thats it! its really weird, i disconnected my WIFI and then connected it again nut is still doens’t work… thanks for the help! x


You’re welcome, and hopefully episode will fix this since there are many people struggling with this too lately


I have the same thing since yesterday. First I had errors all the time now it’s not showing up at all… I think they’re trying to fix this… :weary: I’ve tried everything and it’s still not working so I think we just have to wait for an update.


I was stressing my ass out