Does anyone else hate the way the replies work in the forum threads?

So you know how when people reply to each other in threads, it shows the reply when you click “[insert number of replies] Replies” but then also repeats the same comment at the bottom of the thread? Idk, I think it’s weird and confusing and I can’t tell who it’s replying to. And if I want to like/reply to the reply, I have to scroll down and find where it’s repeated so I can do that. Also it’s just annoying that the same thing is repeated twice.

Sorry if nothing I just said makes any sense, but I was just wondering if this bothered anyone else.


Yes it’s messy and leads to confusion sometimes


I think there’s something you click in order to scoll to the replies.

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Yeah, but I still find it to just be kind of unorganized-seeming. Idk.

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