Does anyone else have spell check issues?


Hi! I have a quick question about the spell check for writing. A lot of words that I am very sure I am spelling correct, are underlined to say that they are spelt incorrectly. Is it because of the wrong grammar? Does anyone else have this problem?



“atleast” needs a space in-between "at, and “least”
For the first two, I don’t think the spell check is advanced enough? In some cases it is better to use “do not” and “does not”.
And for the last one, is that word in a different language?


Thankyou! Yes that last one is in spanish. I guess I’ll just have to ignore it though.


But yeah, I think the “don’t” and “doesn’t” are because of grammar. If it censors every one of those, though in different stances and phrases (where it would be better to use them), then it may just be the grammar thingy.


Omg same, it said “should’ve” was spelled wrong I was like “i’m a spelling bee queen, I know I didn’t spell it wrong.” lol ;