Does anyone else have this error?

I have a character that is pregnant and I wanted her to do the action while talking.
It used to work all the time but for some reason the action has stopped.
Is there something wrong with the portal or are they updating the action?
Here’s the dialouge:
BRI (talk_pregnant_happy_atbelly)
You here that baby girl!
That’s your auntie!
Here’s the error I keep getting even after changing body types for my character.
I also tried it in the app and the action works but I can’t publish my story because of this.
“Behavior talk_pregnant_happy_atbelly may not exist in all imitated body type…”


Ohh, don’t worry!

It’s an Episode bug that they still haven’t fixed after all these years. :roll_eyes:
You will be able to publish the story and share it, but the warning will stay there.
Just ignore it!


Oh, ok thank you!


Ofc! :green_heart:

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I was having the same issue so thanks for publishing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also just so you know in your dialogue you need to change the word “here” to “hear”

Edit: please don’t think I’m trying to be rude about that, I just know some readers can be fussy


Thank you!