Does anyone else have this "Sort by" error?

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue in the portal, or if it’s just mine bugging out.

Yesterday, new undies released, so today I was trying to make new outfits for some characters. I sorted by “most recently updated,” and the first things at the top of the list are some really old scarves. I don’t have any filters on as you can see below. I’m hoping it’ll correct itself, because “sort by: newest” already doesn’t work. It’ll be such a pain to lose the ability to sort by “most recently updated” too.


You may need to submit a help ticket for this. :smiley:

For me, from time to time some old stuff appears in the recently…
But I always thought that’s there because they fixed/updated that outfit?

I have a error where the new stuff doesn’t show up, it only shows up in recently updated.

Yeah, sorting by what’s newest just doesn’t work at all. I think it’s that way for everyone.


Oh, well darn.

Bumping this because it’s way worse now. “Sort by newest” is dodgy as always, but now “sort by most recently updated” is a hot mess. For example, the first 264 items listed were all released over a year before item 265.

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