Does anyone else here have distorted perception of love because of Episode?

…No. I separate episode love n irl love in my head. In my brain, the two things couldn’t b further apart.

But, I get teens may totally get this impression, for a start, all episode li’s in the trending section r rich n have abs. Whether they’re athletes, mafia leaders, billionaire business men, the idea that a rich attractive man would become obsessed w a young boring girl who hates his existence is ridiculous to me. He’s just move on. If there’s nothing to her but her looks & innocence, then I mean c’mon. How’s she gonna change the play boy.

I get lil girls love to read abt it, but it’s not truthful & the author knows this, just, the readers don’t… I recommend not comparing rl love to episode versions. Bc marriage n kids doesn’t = eternal happiness, it means the adventure has only just begun, a girl should not feel that she shouldn’t make all the first moves, due to episode sexism, it shouldn’t b seen as usual for two ppl to have a one night stand n then afterwards for the guy to threaten to kill the girl bc she’s “trespassing” just bc he’s got what he wanted from her. Also, to all the girls out there, a guy isn’t gonna become completely obsessed w someone after their first meet up, sry. n finally, unlike sum of u think, a tall muscular guy, who’s endlessly rich, super attractive, has an enormous d AND will become obsessed w u, does not exist. I recommend u learn it now so u don’t have to learn the hard way.

It’s natural for ppl who haven’t experienced a relationship to feel like romance is as it is in episode, as u grow up, u’ll learn more n more & see that rl life romance is far more beautiful in the end, than that u see in fiction. Bc it’s not materialistic & all abt money or looks, it’s abt a bond between two ppl :cupid:


no, but I do have a distorted perception of love from going to a religious school that relied on fear and shame to keep girls “pure and eligible for marriage”. by the time I got to Episode, I was already 50 shades of messed up

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Yes, but its not just episode it almost everything. I think its totally unrealistic but Its nice to think about.