Does Anyone Else Know Why Gem Color Is White Now!?

I don’t Know Why But I added A Gem Choice And Its white And I thought it would be the normal color it has been for years so…

For me it’s always been white.

They changed it to white a long time ago.

Aww I really liked It As Yellow/Gold, But Why is It Gold When I Check Stories!?

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You can choose whether what color you want it to be, but colors are limited. Here’s the script to do it -

What do I do? 

<PREMIUM>"Initiate a conversation!" {
Script goes here. 

} "Ignore her." {
Script goes here. 


That’s how you make choices golden A.K.A Premium.

I Know abt That But I Was Wondering Why Is My gem Color White And Not Gold Like It Has Been For Many Years

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Yeah, it’s like that for community stories now. The gem choices are white.

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Oh Okay Thanks :slight_smile:

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