Does anyone else miss the "old"episode?


Hey guys. So I was just thinking today how episode used to be soo different! Episode has improved in some ways, but in my opinion they have also gotten…worse, in other ways. I remember I joined Episode early 2016, and I just remember the stories felt so much more authentic.
I came across this picture of the older way episode used to look and it’s very nostalgic to me, but I also miss when it was like this.
Does anyone else remember the original version of Tangled Love that was featured?

Everything was so much more different. Older pictures like this remind me of how I used to enjoy the app more.
I understand episode needs to continue to update, I just miss the way things used to be. This is probably because I prefer classic style and ink is just ugly to me, in my opinion, but I still felt that even the plots were more original and I found I enjoyed the stories a lot more.
On the other hand, I think episode has come a long way with including diversity which I think holds an important value.
However, the featured stories, in my opinion, are trash, which is funny because I used to really enjoy them.
I mean, “it started with a bra?” Really? Or how about “The Baby Project”? What even is that.
This is not meant to bash episode in any way because I understand they are expected to update the app as a company, but they don’t really seem to listen to people’s opinions about it. When ink was released, classic was far more popular and everyone complained about ink. But even know, when people just ask for an easier way to find classic stories or just an update for classic, episode says no.
Anyways, I’m just curious if anyone else misses the old episode or not.


I agree and disagree.
I honestly feel that I like ink and the updates with the characters.
But the stories have turned more…


I respect that! I also agree I feel like you can’t really find a nice story without it being too mature and less cringy.


I miss the old epislde too, now most of their stories seem to contain the usual bad boy cliché. And about classic stories just put “classic” in the search bar it also works with the other styles


Like the top of thriller is proactive. I swear there’s no story that isn’t for kids that are like 9. And they get the talk from episode and not there mom.


I’ve put classic in the search bar, but only a few stories come up. I think on top of me liking classic, I’m a picky reader, but then again, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to find a really good story, and when I try finding one its like I’m on the hunt or something :joy:. Don’t even get me started on the bad boy cliche stuff :joy:, it’s so annoying and I just avoid it all.


Wow, I haven’t even read thriller, but I think there is an age requirement for users to be 13 and up. If anyone actually listens to it is completely different thing :joy:.


Yeah no one listens :joy:


I joined when I was like 10


I joined when I was 12, close but not quite.





I remember this version. I had a mini hiatus when I was just a reader and I came back to it completely redone. I liked the layout of the old one, but I have to admit I found it hard to navigate. I could only figure out how to read Mean Girls and Demi Lovato and it kept trying to force me to read Georgia but I didn’t want to, and I never had passes haha! With the newer version, I’ve found a better range of different stories and it kept me on the app.


I agree about the featured stories. But I do think that the Ink and Limelight styles are much more aesthetically pleasing (Limelight especially). I prefer reading stories in Ink and Limelight.


The featured stories are very unique now
I remembered when there was at least like ten stories that are clean
Awww the good old days


I didn’t know there were user stories until a month after having the app. After that learning how to navigate everything I loved it!


Same here. I mostly read user stories now.


Do you like the current featured stories?


A bit of them.

Community is the way I go.

(P.s. you should totally read Julze D even though she does ink the storylines are great)


Yeah same! What user stories do you like?