Does Anyone Else Not See Gem Choices?

Lol the list of people who don’t see gem choices is growing! I hope that’s not true for too many people, or none of the authors out there trying to qualify for writer’s payments are gonna get their 300 choices!

I’ve never witnessed a problem like that, but I mean, who would pass up a gem choice that is free? I would choose a gem choice if it’s free even though they cost. Overall, I don’t think it really counts as a gem choice because readers aren’t buying any gems so that they can pick that gem choice.

It means you’re not supporting authors – it doesn’t count as a gem choice selected for them, so you clicking on the free gem choice isn’t going to help them qualify for writer’s payments

Oh! You are right. I haven’t thought about it that way :woman_facepalming:t4: The gem choices have to be able to count for authors to be able to, like you said, get into the writer’s payment program :slight_smile: so free gem choices aren’t really helping them :woman_shrugging:t4:

My understanding is that it counts as a chapter read if the reader can see the choice (whether or not they can see the gems or not), but if the reader can’t see it due to branching (as in, maybe the choice is only visible in certain branches?), then it doesn’t count.
I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, though. Quite a few people seem to have gotten in the payment program through gem choices, so either more people can see them than we think, or maybe my theory is semi-correct?


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this please?

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Closed at Op request :smile: