Does anyone else relate 😝

Hey, Episode community :relieved: How’s everyone doing??

I was wondering if anyone else has the eXtReMe issue I have of literally starting an Episode, coding a little, AND THEN STARTING A WHOLE NEW ONE BECAUSE THEIR BRAIN IS CONSTANTLY COMING UP WITH NEW IDEAS.
I started a whole story back in about March, coded three episodes, decided I wanted to enter the Reveal contest, coded 1/3 of an episode for that, but then started on an entire new story EEEEK.

I don’t know if anyone else relates, but I’m pretty sure the most recent story I’m working on is the one I will be following through with! I feel like I had ZERO motivation and excitement for any of the other two because I wasn’t used to coding and the full capabilities of coding! Now I’m more confident, so I guess that’s good!!!

Maybe it’s my inner Sagittarius saying, this is taking too long to do and you’re iMpAtiEnT and BoReD so move onto another idea. BAHAHA


ugh i feel u :pensive:
i’m literally working on over 10 stories at the same time

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No I won’t write any other story till I finish this one cuz it’s too much work :joy:

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This is me for the past 3 years… :sweat_smile:

Right now I’m working on a story I will finish, but I just keep getting these new story ideas popping up in my head and I keep telling myself not yet, not yet, you need to finish this story first.
This is actually the first story I actually have a clue where I’m going with it, and the first story I actually feel motivated and want to write.
So, I’m hoping I’ll finish this one… :crossed_fingers:

But I’m sooo impatient… I just want to be done and move on to the next one.


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