Does anyone else think the girl animations are kind of weird?


This might just be me, but the ink girl animations are pretty feminine… a little too feminine, imo.
Like, the afraid animation for the guys, it shows a guy throwing his arms around and it looks afraid, but for the girls it’s a lady tucking her knees together and holding her hands to her face like a little kid. Same thing with the awkward animations, the guy one looks more panicked and the girl one looks more shy and cutesy, which just isn’t really my thing. The fact that girls don’t have a flex animation speaks for itself, I’m pretty sure that the only flirt animation that has a girl look like she’s coming onto someone instead of just blushing is the fingersnap animation.
Idk, maybe I sound like a raging feminist, but it’s always these little things that put me off.
I’m not trying to start beef with anyone, I’m just putting my opinion out on the table to see if anyone else agrees.


Yes I agree.


Me too 100% :thinking:


I think they’re kind cute


I believe you meant the Limelight animation based on your description and there isn’t an afraid one for male in Ink. :slightly_smiling_face:


Talk_afraid, I mean.


Oh, okay. I thought you were talking about the terrified animation. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think some of the Limelight animations like the “disappointed” animation looks…too goofy. Something about it looks exaggerated than it should be.

I always thought the INK thinking animation was goofy for females though, from the very beginning :laughing: Definitely that one, though I don’t like the flirt animations (minus the talking one) much either.


Haha I actually haven’t checked out much of limelight, the animations look a bit stiff to me but it makes sense since all the characters kinda look like supermodels. I don’t like how the girls sorta… manspread while standing up when they do the arms crossed animation? When episode just goes balls to the wall on the animations and makes them unnecessarily goofy it looks super funny to me lmao


Yeah, this annoys me too- they don’t even have a terrified expression (idle_terrified) for guys but they have one for females, and I seriously wish they could add flex in for females, too :sunglasses::orange_heart:
And if you search up scared, nothing appears for the males in ink but animations of scared do appear for females-like come on, both genders get terrified, both genders get scared and both of them have the ability for flex.
We need more equality for them when it comes to animations :wink:


“Both of them have the ability to flex”
You only get these kinds of sentences outta episode, lmao