Does anyone has a coin overlay?

Its for my football game scene.
I will credit, thxs is appreciated.

You can create your own overlay. I do it all the time, and it’s free and easy! Go to this free website here. Then use one of the free images that site offers and pin it to the background. Click the upper right hand corner that says “Download” and download your image in PNG. Then go here, to make the background of the image transparent so that only the coin can be seen. Yoou do that by following the site;s instructions. In a box, you have to write the color that you want to be made transparent, which is why you have to make sure that the coin’s background is one solid color that is different from the coin, So for example, if your coin’s background is red, you will write “Red” in the box. You get to preview how your transparent PNG image will look like, then you press “Save as” then “Download.” I hope that helps!

Here’s one

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