Does anyone has backgrounds?

I need a background of a SWAT van interior. I can’t really find any on the web, well at least not without complicated licenses…
I would appreciate if anyone could help me find one!
An example of what I want would be this:

Not sure if I can actually use this… I found it on Flickr, and its privacy policy is a bit too… Alien language to me :joy:

Can u send me the link I use flicker every once in a while. I can let you know.

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I actually rendered SWAT van backgrounds and overlays awhile back for one of my stories. I can look for them and share them with you privately. (:
Maybe not tonight though, if that’s okay? :sob: I’m quite tired and have an early morning ahead of me.

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Here’s the link!

No problem! I’ll DM you for this matter :eyes: And thank you so much for offering your help! I’d die if I had to draw it myself…

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Yeah it seems like this one you can’t use. There’s typically a download button in the corner if it’s free to use on this site.

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This download button? Or is there supposedly other buttons? :thinking:

Typically on this site the owner of these images give permission to people to use them or not. If you see a download button on the corner of the image with different image sizes that means the photographer is giving you permission to use them. If it doesn’t like that photo, then you can’t.

That’s exactly what I was asking about: There is a download button there… :thinking:

Yep. But not on the picture u sent.

Oh, wait. So I can download it, but I can’t use it? :thinking: It’s kinda weird, but okay :joy:

There’s no download on that image u sent so no it can’t be used if u see another image with a download button you can use it if that makes more sense.

That is what I’m confused about: there is a download button there. I even showed it in my screenshot here:

Or is that due to me not being signed up or something? :thinking:

Oh that’s weird I didn’t even see that. It doesn’t show up on my end. If you click on it there should be image sizes on it.

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It does show it’s a public use photo. I just logged into my own account and it does show that it’s save to use. I thought I was logged in.

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Oh, phew :joy: So I can use it?

I’m pretty sure yes. I would also look on and as well. I’ve seen a couple on there as well. And those are definitely free to use.

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