Does Anyone Have a Bakery Background?

Hi I’m writing a story and my MC works at a bakery so does anyone have a bakery background?

It’s in the episode catalog!

ok thx :two_hearts:

Some backgrounds can be found in the catalog, you don’t always need someone to make it for you. If your story is successful and if it has lots of great feedback; you can add changes to it later.

:blush: thx again for the advice

It’s no problem! I just joined the episode forum and it confuses me A LOT. But I’m glad to help you in some way.

welcome to the forums! If u ever need help with something let me know or just message me on the forums

How do I message you? (pm)


@Sydney_H can u close this? Please and thank you :blush:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: