Does anyone have a bed background and blanket overlay?


I need a bed background with a blanket overlay to make it look like me character is lying in bed when really, she’d be standing up.

Preferably, it would be something that looks like the bed here:

It doesn’t HAVE to look like that but it would be amazing if it could!




Thank you!


Who needs to be given the credit?


Me just say it was made by queen lexii


Quick question how do I add this on my story?..


So basically you resize it (620pixels by 1136pixels) set the bed as a background. and make the blanket a background…


I’m REALLY SORRY I’m still new to this, how do I do that


open the backgrounds catalogue, and click on the the thing that says ‘available for ALL stories’ and change it to ‘uploaded to your account’. then follow the instructions on screen


Thanks for helping her


thank you so much