Does anyone have a blush overlay


Does anyone have a blush overlay? i need it x




Thank you <3 xx


You’re welcome! Just make sure it saves as a png :slight_smile:


Quick question how do I save this to use it on my story?..


I have this, I didn’t made it and I don’t know who to credit so yeah…



Right click the image and click “Save as” but make sure you save it as a png or else you’ll have the white background stuck as well


Haha I used cop red light and resized it but I reckon these blush overlays are properly sized :joy::joy:


Your a life saver thank you so much


No problem :blush: :blush:




On that note, if I use your overlay how can I credit you (your insta name or is forum name okay?)


As I said above the png picture it isn’t mine and I don’t know who the creator is, that’s why I didn’t credited them as well. If you happen to find the please notify me as well


Will do if I find anything :blush: