Does anyone have a busted cut lip and bruised eye overlay?!?!?

Hai so I need so much help right now! I need a busted cut lip overlay and a blusied eye overlay! It’s for a fighting scene. If anyone one could help me I’D BE FOREVER GRATEFUL!!! :sob: :heart:

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I wish I did. Sorry, but I don’t.


I can’t find one for the lips.

would this do?

Its something like this

It’s something like this


Bump! Anyone know someone at all?

I can make you bruise eye and lip cut


Hope it helps. (Didn’t make it, found on google)

Can you make it more realistic? :sweat:

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Not sure if this will help, I just quickly knocked this up :slightly_smiling_face:

check @RudeInception drive :smiley:

Ok i Will try