Does anyone have a copy of my game?

Ok so this is a long shot but I really need someone’s help!!!
I created a mini-game (rotation puzzle 2) so I was doing some edits and I accidentally deleted some code… and some how didn’t notice either :woman_facepalming: and then I saved it!!! I’ve lost about 3000 lines of my code :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I know I have helped some of you guys use it in your stories. If you are one of the people I sent the code to can one of you do me a massive favour and send me a copy. I can’t find my back up.

This is the version I’m on about

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At the left side of your script, there’s a button that says “See all previous revisions” at the bottom. Click on that and you can see your script’s old saves.



You are a star :grin::star_struck:

Thank you so so much xxx

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I’m really glad Dara was able to help because this game looks amazing! :heart_eyes: Is the coding available to just anyone? If it is, may I please have a copy? I would love to implement this in one of my stories :pleading_face: (but if not I completely understand!)

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Hey :slight_smile: thanks for your interest I am more than happy to share with you. I’m out at the moment so using my mobile but I’ll in box you as soon as I get home :slight_smile:

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Oh, you are an absolute angel, thank you! :pleading_face::two_hearts:

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