Does anyone have a Idle_Rear bug?

I have a character (Generic Female body type) and I have it coded as:

&DUPEEM spot # and DUPEEM starts idle_rear and DUPEEM faces right and DUPEEM moves to layer 4

Saved it and got a * body type cannot do specified animation in the popup saying saved
and she isn’t doing the idle_rear animation- or any rear animation.
Is this happening to anyone else?

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The character that she is a duplicate of can do the idle_rear animations and so can the other character duplicates. :woman_facepalming:

Try switching the animation command from “starts idle_rear” to “is idle_rear”

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thanks, trying it now :smiley:

I would also perhaps try separating the layering command. So have your spot directing, but just before it maybe have your &CHARACTER moves to layer (x)

I sometimes find the portal finicky with layer coding in spot directing.

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Thanks, I fixed it doing that actually. :smiley:

@HannahTeresa Thanks for responding :smiley:

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