Does Anyone Have A List Of All Hidden Animations?


Send a list of the animations if you have it please, for INK.

i know shocked was one.


I think lay_awake_rub_eyes_loop is one of them?


hm, ill check and see if its in the animations section.


This is the most recent list of Ink’s hidden animations I could find.


  • dance_kpop_frozen
  • idle_happy_forward
  • shocked
  • tear_off


  • grab_hand_over_zoom
  • hold_award_happy
  • lay_awake_rub_eyes_loop
  • shocked_v2
  • sing_backup_hips_bad_loop
  • startled_surprised_v2


  • play_didgeridoo
  • shocked_revision
  • sing_dance_energetic_intro
  • sing_dance_energetic_outro
  • talk_didgeridoo
  • walk_neutral_didgeridoo
  • walk_sad_didgeridoo

I’m certain there’s more, but I suppose they are yet to be discovered. For now, enjoy previewing these. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hidden ink animation

thanks so much hun. :wink:

@Sydney_H solved and closed. thanks.



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: