Does Anyone Have a Phone Background?

Can someone either find me a phone background or make me one? I need the top Cut off so it doesn’t look strange when the messages go up the screen :smiley: Credit will be given! If you can direct me towards someone that would be helpful too! :blush:

Do you want it similar to the one that’s already on episode?

Sorta, but more of the selfie version. No thumb or anything. Something like this, image
but bigger and no top to the screen (obviously not exactly like this because this is someone elses work) and the message bar at the bottom…I know that’s a lot lol :grin:

@Jeremy can you close this thread or delete it really I found help on my own.

here a phone

if you need help with anything dm me

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Thanks I actually like that one way better than the solution i came up with! What name can I credit you with?

you can credit me with the name Killer Foxx if ever need backgrounds/overlays I have many

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Okay, thanks!

No problem enjoy!!

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Sure! Marked as solved and closed, thanks! :smiley: