Does anyone have a phone overlay?


I need a phone that doesn’t contain watermark. I just want it on my bed so i need an overlay


_ I do I will send it in a minute_


What kind


Anything touch screen , Idon’t need it for like texting I just need it to be sitting


What is the hand color


I don’t need that kind of overlay, i just need a phone PNG that’s not copyrighted


It will take a hour I gonna make it


Hmm, I think @RudeInception put that in her shop once. You’re allowed to use anything from her shop, as long as it’s not a personal overlay, just remember to give credit! :slight_smile:


@brvnda, I found them on @RudeInception’s thread:

Remember to give credit!


Ah, tysm ! I just found one but if that one doesnt get approved I’ll use that one and give her cred. thx so much & @dangerousdiva i no longer need one


@ryan pls close