Does anyone have a rubbish bin overlay?

I need a rubbish bin overlay! But not the small rubbish bin type. Like I mean, the big ones with the lids ya know? If you have one or know someone who does- please let me know!

I was not quite sure what you wanted, so i edited two pieces, i hope that’s what you wanted!
Trash Bin 1

If it’s not what you wanted, then feel free to give me a more detailed description and I’ll see if I can make something suitable!

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OMG THANK YOU!!! The first one was exactly whar I was looking for :heart_eyes:do you have one like it with the lid off by any chance?

Sure! I’m trying my best to change it.

Is it okay like this or should I add some rubbish inside of the bin?

THANK YOU thank you thank you!!! how do I credit you???

No problem :kissing_heart:


ty againnnn :pleading_face::heart::see_no_evil: