Does anyone have a school corridor script template I can use?

Hi there! So, in my story I have the main character entering the school and I’ve looked around the forums for an indoor school corridor script template I can use but I haven’t found one. Does anyone have any I can use? I’ll give you credit in the readerMessage if you do. Thanks :slight_smile:

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In Art Catalog of Episode u can find school corridors

I mean like a script template where it has spots where different characters stand but thanks anyway

I don’t think there are any script templates that shows spot where you can place your characters.
As far as I know its like this.

I’m sure there is because I used one recently in a story but thanks anyway

If you have then just copy that script and paste it in your story.

I will, thanks!

Thanks so much! I’ll make sure to give you credit in my story.

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Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2:

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