Does anyone have a sitting behind a desk templant I could use?

Not a school desk by the way! If possible.
I will give credit in my story to whoever helps me. :slight_smile:

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If you go onto Episode Art Catalog, then Overlays, then type in desk, you will see some desks, there is about 3 non school desks and a police desk.

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Thank you so much!

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sorry to ask this, but how do you add an overlay?

No need for an apology,happy to help,

Here is a bit of a step by step guide:

  1. Add your background of choice then lower caps you would type 'with’
    don’t put the ’ ’ I am just doing that so you know what word to type.
  2. Go to the overlay menu on your right side with the drop down menus, type in desk and find the desk you liked when you went to the catalog, click on that and it should pop up next to your ‘with’,
    3.You will have to type after the overlay 'in zone (whatever zone your scene is).
  3. I would then preview it so you can judge the size of the overlay. When you have pressed preview, select directing helper then select overlay helper on the left hand side you will see Switch tool scale, this is where you can either move the overlay to a particular area or change the size of it, smaller or larger. when you have it in the right spot press copy which is under the preview screen, then copy past it in your script,
    5,Paste under the @cut to zone (whatever zone you chose) line
    6 Next to the overlay shift line write in zone … again so it stays
  4. Because it is a desk you will need to layer the overlay too you would type
    @overlay Desk (the one you chose) move to layer 1
  5. make sure your character will be layer 0, doesn’t have to layer 0, basically you want the character layer to be lower than the desk’s layer.

I hope that helped! If you need more help I am here.

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I will try this and let you know, thank you!

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for some reason it’s not letting me do INT-BACKGROUND with OVERLAY

Whats the back grounds name and what is the over lay name???


INT. INTERN OFFICE - DAY with DESK OFFICE WOOD to 1.000 -318 3 in zone 3

@cut to zone 3

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 101 36

@CHARACTER is type_sit_neutral_loop

Thats actually the exact background and overlay lol

haha ok well fell free to use it thats the limelight version

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This is the ink version

INT. INTERN OFFICE - DAY with DESK OFFICE WOOD to 1.000 -317 -1 in zone 3

@cut to zone 3

@CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 108 -59

@CHARACTER is sit_type_loop

Thank you for linking @MystikLunaa you’re a really helpful person :heart:

To the OP, what’s your code say?


Thank you so much! I was soo frustrated lol

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go to you’ll find the one you want there

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