Does anyone have a story idea?

I need help with a story idea for a fantasy story i’m going to be writing. it’s more like magical (such as harry potter but i dont wanna copy).

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So do you want it to be mainly about witches and wizards?

i guess so lol

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You could start with these questions to try to assemble a plot

What type is your story? if it’s a dark fantasy you could use some evil magic, or if it’s more light hearted you could do like fairy godmother magic and defense magic.
When is your story? Is it set in modern times or in the 1900s or 1800s. That might effect the type of story you write.
What challenges / main goals do you want the MC to complete? Do you want her to be the most powerful witch? Is she going against an enemy stronger than her? Is she good evil or neutral?

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