Does anyone have a stretcher overlays please I need it as soon as possible!

I really need an overlays stretcher please I really need it as soon as possible please!


have a look on episode life

What do u mean? Episode life?

One second.


Go to this website

And look at the overlays.

Ok I go check

I don’t find any stretcher? :frowning:

Ok I find one thanks!

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Do u think u can make me that one with an transparent background please?HOSPITAL_BED


I want to put a transparent background at my overlay because the background is white.


I can do it for you

I would love if u can do it.

I’m new so I don’t know how to do everything hihihi.

Check out amepisode on inta and go on her link tree

Oh I dont have insta :sweat_smile:

Here you go!
hospital stretcher ov