Does anyone have a template of hand overlays?


Does anyone have a template for adding in limb (hands/arms) overlays for all skin types or how would I do that or what would be the easiest way?


What skin type would you like and want animation like hugging or what?


I’m actually wanting all the skin colors (whatever the reader chose)


I know a few Instagrams that have them, I can send you the overlays in your pm if you want? But what animation?


I know of @episode.uwe but I actually have the overlays in hand already & what i’m trying To figure out is how would I put them according to what the reader chose as the skin color?


Easy, just use gains. Do you know how to?


This is my first time I am absolutely new at this, I was hoping to find an example on how it would look like to get an idea :confused:


Ok, so a gain is used in a choice so when you have the customization template for the skin do this:

“Skin Color”{

gain skin_color

And so on


You can’t use gains for customization templates.

@jessie_1999 like I said in the PM, the only way to remember skin color choices is to use points.


To remember a gain use

if (skin_color){

For whatever choice, and continue on

But remember use a bracket after each set of actions

if (skin_color){

@CHARACTER is action

elif (skin_color){

else (skin_color){



I have done it, all these things you are saying you can’t do , I have done, so please, don’t correct me.


If you use gains in a template, then readers will gain every single gain if they tap on all of the skin options. Which will not work if you use the if/elif/else.

I direct stories for Episode. I am an official Episode director. This is what I do for a living. I know what the hell I’m talking about.


You work at the episode office?


I work from home. The point is: gains will not work with CC templates.


I used to use gains for outfits (if the reader chose a blue outfit, they would get a specific response). If was then that I realized that you could not use gains for customization or basic dressing games because the reader would get the wore_blue response even if the outfit was not blue. The reason: They had previewed a blue outfit, so was given the blue_outfit gain.
The struggles of CC


With dressing games, you can use gains. You just have to put a yes/no choice inside each outfit option and put the gain inside each of the “yes” choices.


I apologize, I mixed up CC templates with something else.


Well can’t you do the same thing like in the dressing game like showing a picture of the skin color then put a yes or no answer then use the gain if they chose yes :thinking:

p.s: Sorry if my profile picture looks scary :joy:


I know


Maybe something like this

label skin_color
“Option 1”{


Insert something here

gain choice_option1
goto end_choice
goto skin_color


Insert something

gain choice_option2
goto endchoice
goto skin_color

And so on so on