Does anyone have a template of hand overlays?

Woosah bro. It’s not that serious.

It’s not even your thread why are you carrying on for

No it’s just like they keep saying that it was wrong because it didn’t go back to the other features

Yeh but that was kind of understandable right? Because when you replied we were all talking CC

No it’s that is just because the person wasn’t asking for a character customization script but people were talking about that the whole time while I was the only one talking about that

On here?

Either way, glad things are resolved. :v:t3: and :blue_heart:

yes they weren’t but they also stated they wanted it when the reader chooses the character skin tone that the overlay template would match, that’s how CC came into it and as to why the gains wouldn’t work.

But I gave the script either way
I think this thread needs to be closed is just causing confusion and is already resolved I guess

Which @Dara.Amarie said wouldn’t work for CC (if someone changes their skintone more than once in the CC)

On instagram or in the google drive

Everybody chill the heck out, why are you all fighting over this? I simply said I misunderstood something and then this happened. We don’t need more drama in the forums then there already is.

Yeah I know but I gave a script already so that pretty much resolves everything

Hmm, I think she took it off because it’s not there anymore

Yup, that’s how I ended up doing it and now have my dressing game coded so I can use gains.
But there is not really a way to use the same process within customization.

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I did it with nested choices right after CC. I’m too lazy for points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

label skin_confirm
What is your skin color?
“Bla bla”{
Your skin color is bla bla. Is that correct?
gain skin_bla_bla
goto play
goto skin_confirm
For overlays, go here.

NOTE: These overlays are not mine! They belong to @episode.uwe!

Go here!

Then go to OVERLAYS, It’s still there

No He/She Already has the overlays He/She just need a template for the reader to chose the skin color overlay they have in the story

Oh ok.
@jessie_1999 Go to the web preview where you are creating your story. On the right side there should be a box that says script templates.
Scroll down to you see avatar. Click on them and a template script should pop up.
Once the script is there just change all the @INKFEMALEAVATAR to your characters name.

If you are doing a story in limelight just type in @CHARACTER goes to character avatar

Hey @jessie_1999 ! If you’re using ink style, you can send me the template of your customization and I can then create for you the “new” template which allow you to know what skin colors the readers have chose, :grin: