Does anyone have a "TV News Background" for a phone?

Ok so, what I’m trying to do is kids came back to school after their break and suddenly, they all get a news update on their phone about a someone who died (NO SPOILERS!) but, I can’t find a news background for the phone like the tv. I know I saw it in another story that I have read unless I need to create one. (Which I’m not very artistic, anyways.) Can someone help me :cry:?

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No, but i also need a news background :pleading_face:

wait, which one is the one for the tv? (also im trying to find one for u)

ok so i found two that you can use for the iphone (you would have to scale it ofc)

the news reporter would stand there on the right, i hope thats good enough!

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Oh ok! Thank you!
I can try that but, I remember I read some stories with having a news article popping up on the phones. But I really appreciate with your help. THANK YOU!

^^I mean like this but, Episode Material.

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oh i can make one for you if you want- can you give me the description and heading of the news?

Can I somehow message you privately? If you don’t mind of course!

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yes ofc!

Let me know if you get one! I want to see it!


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