Does anyone have a wedding script template? I really need one! Ink please!

Does anyone have a wedding script template? I really need one! Ink please!

Thank you!

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Hi I have a script I will try and get it for you :slight_smile:

YAY! tysm

No worries, bear with me for a bit as I have to turn on my laptop as the portal does not work on my phone :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


PRIEST (talk_happy_agree)
Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of two very special people in marriage.
PRIEST (talk_happy_hold_fist)
In the years, they have grown together, their love and understanding for each other has bloomed.
PRIEST (talk_happy_smile)
Now they’ve chosen to dedicate each others’ lives to one another.
PRIEST (talk_arms_crossed)
Today, you both will entrust each other and be committed to one another for eternity.
PRIEST (talk_neutral)
You have chosen to cherish, love and care for one another. In sickness, in health, in strife and in happiness.
PRIEST (talk_arms_crossed)
Marriage is a flower. If you care for it properly, the most beautiful and colourful flower will bloom. May your marriage be the same.
@PRIEST is arms_crossed
@zoom on 478 257 to 1409% in 0
@HENRY faces right
@MINDY faces left
HENRY (talk_arms_crossed)
Love is no smooth road, it’s no fairytale or magical story.
HENRY (talk_neutral)
Love is honest, love is pure, love is real.
HENRY (talk_happy_smile)
We hold on to each other and we will never let go. You stand by me and I stand by you.
HENRY (talk_neutral)
You’ve made me grow as a person. Every day, hour, minute, second I spend with you is a blessing.
HENRY (talk_happy_smile)
You are my home, my soulmate, my best friend and my Mindy.
@zoom on 499 267 to 1409% in 0
MINDY (talk_happy_smile)
Every day, you amaze me because you show me that there’s even more of you to love.
MINDY (talk_neutral)
You have been my best friend, my boyfriend, my fiance and now my husband.
MINDY (talk_happy_smile)
You are all those things and more.
MINDY (blush)
You are my love, my devotion, my dream, and no matter what…
MINDY (flirt_shy)
You are my everything.
@zoom on 493 287 to 1409% in 0
PRIEST (talk_happy_smile)
I now declare you husband and wife.
PRIEST (talk_happy_agree)
You may kiss.

This is a bit unconventional but here it is :smiley:


What background are you using for the wedding? I’ll make a template the now. Also if you want you can tell me names if not I’ll just put CHARACTER1 and so on. <3

And somebody beat me to it. But that’s okay! xD

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I have two scenes so it will work!

Oh haha, sorry please post yours anyways as the vows I had were sort of untraditional

It’s fine. I hadn’t made it yet anyways! xD But I will try for now. Ahaha. xD

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Okay. <3 :smiley:

Sorry. I’m just making it the now. :smiley:

It’s fine!

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How long till it’s done?

Sorry. I was about to tell you a few minutes. I’m just fixing the kissing part. And I’ll add another bit. So maybe about 10 minutes. Just keep living and doing normal things. Aha. xD


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