Does anyone have an argument templete between a male and female?

This is my first story and this is way harder then I thought I need help with and argument scene that starts with my male lead checking out my female leads body but I just cant seem to get it right. Is there a template for this???

You could try this:

@MIA enters from left to spot 1.200 95 45
@pause for a beat
@ADAM enters from right to spot 1.280 220 60
@MIA is talk_phone_happy_loop

@speechbubble is 133 299 to 100% with tail_top_right

ADAM (talk_flirt_charming)
Hey girl.

@speechbubble is 187 287 to 100% with tail_top_left

MIA (talk_repulsed)
Ugh. Get away from me.

@speechbubble is 133 299 to 100% with tail_top_right

ADAM (flirt_fingerbite_sexy)
What? You don’t want me?

@MIA is shove_argument_give_angry AND ADAM is shove_argument_receive_angry
@speechbubble is 187 287 to 100% with tail_top_left

Leave me alone!

Obviously you can change the dialogue and the character names, I was just testing it with my characters.

thank you im gonna try it now

This is a good argument template it will come in handy later in my story so thank you but it’s not for the scene I’m doing right now. do you have anything with a head to toe scan?

You might have to adjust the values based on the position you want the character to be, but here:
@CHARACTER spot 1.200 95 45
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 65 0 to 400% in 2
@zoom on 65 415 to 400% in 7
@pause for a beat
@zoom reset

it’s perfect thank you soooo much

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Do you have a script template of 3 girls watchin T.V?

I can make one for you. I’ll give it to you in around an hour.

Here you go:
@zoom reset
&EXTRA1 spot 0.704 27 267 in zone 2 AND EXTRA2 spot 0.731 144 256 in zone 2 AND EXTRA3 spot 0.884 199 191 in zone 2 AND EXTRA1 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND EXTRA2 is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND EXTRA3 is idle_sit_leanforward_bobhead_loop AND EXTRA1 faces left AND EXTRA2 faces left AND EXTRA3 faces left
@transition fade in 1.75
@pan to zone 2 in 3.5

Btw, I can help with almost any templates you need for your story. Also, can you please credit me as Superpup?

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OMG yes I’ll credit you… If you help me get thru this story I’ll give you a directors credit.

Thank you!